I was going to start this thought with a question about why pride was so important. But then I realized that was ridiculous. Pride is what keeps us striving for something greater, striving for innovation, striving for an idea. So the real question is: How much does pride hold us back?

We all allow pride to hold us back. When you don’t speak up in an employee meeting with an idea that might be small (or might, just maybe, be huge), you are letting pride hold you back. When you hang out with friends or family and think your passions are not interesting enough to discuss, you are letting pride get in the way. When you’re sitting on an airplane and you notice that the person next to you is reading a magazine that you love, but you don’t start a conversation about it, you are letting pride get in the way.

Guess what? Every single person wants engagement. Every one. We want love, humor, conversation, experience and provocation. Really. We want it. But…

Sometimes (and you must understand your situation), silence is a virtue. Most of the time, however, in this modern era of siloism and digital escape, a personal, constructive and engaging conversation takes precedent over anything else that these individuals can interact with. Give your boss your thoughts, in a constructive manner. Give your family your passions, in a non-threatening way. And tell your flight mate that you love that magazine and why you think that article she is reading is really interesting. Don’t be too proud to fail. Because most of the time, it’s not that bad if you do. And some of the time, you won’t.


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