Figure it out, 91X

Every morning I wake up around 7:30 and head to work.  I pull out of the driveway and casually tune to my favorite radio show featuring Matt Diablo, DePreston, Carlos, and Sammi (BTW, whatever happened to Mahoney?) on the 91X morning show.

I drive out of the “ghetto” of Poway, as many refer to Garden Road, and head west toward the 15 South.

Here’s the problem . . . every time I get to that hill right by the bowling alley, AM/PM, that weird vacuum store, etc., I lose all radio signal for about 30 seconds, and am forced to play Mad Libs with what I just missed.

I don’t know if there’s anything that can be done about this little problem, and maybe it’s not even worth the effort to fix it, but I swear to god, every morning when I go past that hill, something important happens for those 30 seconds of static and I miss everything.  This morning, I missed the number one rated post from, and was forced to listen to commentary about a post that I had to completely guess about.  Thanks a lot.

It usually isn’t much of an issue, but lately, it’s been some horrible timing.  Figure it out, 91X.

You can completely remedy the situation with some Green Day/Franz Ferdinand tickets for the upcoming concert at the Cox Arena . . . ?