Drag Me To Hell is Entertainment Heaven

Without a doubt, Drag Me To Hell, is the best scary movie I’ve seen in years . . . it rocks!

Written and directed by brothers Sam and Ivan Raimi, Drag Me To Hell offers entertainment and fierce exhiliration throughout the entire movie. Your brain will be jumping back and forth from trivial humor to exhaustive terror.

Honestly, I don’t even care what anyone else has to say about this movie . . . it is so good I’ve been trying to drag other friends and family into going back with me, little pun intended.

I’ve been down on horror films lately . . . I even gave a good review for the film Feast (see blog) for Christ’s sake!  That’s how bad it was getting.  I just wanted to believe that something being produced out there was actually a good scary movie.

But Drag Me To Hell terrified and delighted me all at the same time.  It is somewhat reminiscent of the Scream films, not in the plot or theme, but that it was making fun of itself through steriotypical horror film idiosyncrocies.

It has rejuvinated my faith in mankind’s ability to produce new, creative horror films that aren’t just providing shock-value or gore, but gives an absolute sense of unease and yet excitement for the next scene.

“You shame me?” (Creepy old lady voice) You’ll get it when you see it.