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North Korea Continues Nuclear Testing

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That’s what’s coming Kim Jong . . .

North Korea, now essentially lead by a behind-the-curtain Wizard of Oz due to Kim Jong Il’s dwindling health, has tested another missile, Friday (5/29).

The U.N. has threatened further sanctions if North Korea continues testing their missile capabilities for WMD’s, which was quickly combated by N. Korea, saying that if this were to happen, they would be forced to “adopt stronger self-defense counter measures.”

N. Korea has also gone on to call the U.N. “hypocrites” and charged the fact that 99.99% of the world’s nuclear testing has been done by the nations that run the U.N.  They claim that their reasoning for the testing is necessary “in case the supreme interests of the state are infringed upon.”

First off . . . shut up North Korea . . . no one trusts you and rightfully so.  You’re a goddamn wild card.  The world hates you.  Refer to Team America: World Police.

Secondly . . . don’t make us “Jack Bower” your ass.  Ya that’s right, I’m pulling that card.  And here’s a little taste, just in case you forgot . . .

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Keep pushing, North Korea.  Jack Bower will give you a sweet taste of justice.